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The Benefits Joining a CSA

The Benefits Joining a CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join a CSA, you’re buying a share of a farm, in advance or in the beginning of the growing season. I live in Boston, and our summer farm season is just getting started. The early CSA shares will include herbs, lettuces, and greens. Later in the season we’ll get summer squash, peppers, tomatoes and more. I can’t wait!

CSAs provide income to the farm during the off season, and essentially help fund the farm.  Buying a CSA share is an investment in your local community.

Some CSAs offer just vegetable shares, while others offer fruit, eggs, flowers and meat.

They also benefit us, the consumer. The crops are generally picked the morning or day before they are distributed. It’s probably the freshest produce you’ll eat and it definitely lasts longer than produce you get in the supermarket. You’ll get a variety of produce – which will help you to change up your cooking and eating routine. Your diet will be rich in variety of colorful vegetables, and a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

I get my CSA from Allandale Farm. One of the benefits to me is that it gets me out of the city and to the farm once a week. A quick 15-minute ride, and I’m transported – I pick up my produce, walk through the greenhouses and farm stand, buy fresh eggs and breathe a little more deeply.

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